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1. What was the best thing about 2013?

Probably what came of the bad things. As a result of hitting an all time low I learnt a lot about myself and I became so motivated to lead a healthier and happier life. Now, I feel really positive about the future.

2. Any ideas for what you’d like to do in the future?

I am super passionate about international development. My dream job would be to work for the UN; aside from that an NGO or a charity. I’m not super fussed about travelling, but I would like to see a few places here and there. Aside from that I want a family with children (preferably 2)!

3. How far have you ever been from ‘home’?

I’ve not been very far. I’m going to say Berlin on a trip in Year 10. Gonna be cheesy and say that geographically I have been further, but I really do class home as wherever I am from my family.

4. Sherlock, yay or nay?


5. 10 hungry wolves are chasing after you down an alley. You reach a split in the path. Do you go left, towards a field in which there could be more danger lurking for you, or right, towards a busy village with an abundance of people?

Go for the field. Otherwise you would lead the wolves towards the people who were unaware of the situation; this way I can probs hide or somethang

6. What is your favourite album and why?

It changes, but at the moment Ben Howard: Every Kingdom

7. If you could write one song, and get all the credit for it, no matter when it was written, what would it be?

Probably Someone Like You by Adele simply because I believe it to be one of the only songs that is universal and you simply can’t not like it

8. What has been the highlight of your life so far?

Got to be Year 12 (September 2012-May 2013). I had such a fab time and that’s the time when I look back and, despite things turning sour with several people who made it a blast, I was happiest.

9. Would you rather be a lemon or a lime?

Lime…bet you weren’t expected that plot twist

10. Look at your hands. How many dogs do you think they’ve stroked in your lifetime?

Around 5. Those bitches scare me……pun intended

11. What is one thing you want to do tomorrow, but you know won’t happen?

Go to Uni


Me and Chloë decided to pray to our demi-god authour, John Green
Ahh … men

this should have 200000 notes by now 


Me and Chloë decided to pray to our demi-god authour, John Green

Ahh … men

this should have 200000 notes by now 

Mischief managed.


Winter is coming

just because i am a feminist doesn’t necessarily mean i want to constantly shout about it and get all evangelical about the matter- for example at parties.

yes, i am and i am completely passionate about it, but i don’t want it to define me to people who are quite ignorant about the whole idea even though it is very much a part of who i am. but in a party setting you are just faced with people who think you are a man-hater or think women should be “more equal than men” (sidenote: this doesn’t even make grammatical sense) or are a lesbian and quite frankly i cannot have a logical discussion about it when there is music blaring and i am drunk.